Rating Dynamics offers the ability for clients to submit risk data, and we generate accurate rating data for our implemented carriers. For Florida, we have over 45 carriers implemented representing over 90% of Florida’s new business transactions. Click this link to see a listing of carriers we currently rate in Florida. We are actively adding carriers in Alabama, Louisiana, and South Carolina, so contact us for a current carrier list.

The following are the most common reasons customers engage Rating Dynamics for comparative Batch Rating:

  • Analyze competitiveness across various locations and risk profiles

  • Gain insight on those risk features driving rate competitiveness

  • Assess the impact of proposed rate filings

  • Perform comprehensive attrition analyses

  • View and understand granular rating components of carriers, such as relativity curves and hurricane/AOP splits

  • Integrate demographic and market share data with competitive analysis to illuminate factors driving rate competitiveness

Risk Data

Clients may provide their own inforce, quote and market basket data. Alternatively, clients may use our ‘Notional Book Builder’ to select risks from our comprehensive Florida property data to create a customized notional book.

Rating Process

Rating Dynamics generates industry-leading rate accuracy, allowing clients to gain insight into competitiveness, across the wide range of risk and location features. Learn more about how our rating process achieves the highest standard of accuracy. We permit the client to select various processing options, so the produced rating data supports the client’s specific needs.

Competitive Analysis

Rating Dynamics offers a variety of reporting solutions, flexible enough to meet a wide range of client needs; clients can slice and dice competitive data by every underwriting and location attribute to gauge the competitiveness of the multi-peril homeowner’s insurance market. For organizations with their own reporting tools, we can license our competitive data for internal reporting. For organizations desiring to offload the reporting process, we provide a secure online BI reporting portal delivering exclusive access to a variety of market analytics reports. Learn more about the Market Analytics Portal (MAP).