Learn About Our Rating Process!

Through the implementation of over 150 residential property insurance products, across the southeast, we have amassed a wealth of experience spanning a wide spectrum of rating methodologies. Our knowledge and understanding of property and casualty rating methodologies, rate filings and underwriting manuals can be leveraged to assist carriers with their internal rating projects, including:

  • Engage Rating Dynamics to perform quality assurance testing of your internal quoting site to confirm accuracy and consistency with underwriting manual
  • Create comprehensive rating tools for independent rate corroboration
  • Calculate premiums for policies assumed from state insurers or other carriers to determine the premium impact as policies roll onto your ratebook
  • Analyze the impact of rate control or rate capping mechanisms
  • Create rating tools for agency book rolls so agents may accurately project the impact of the transition on customer retention and commission revenue
  • Create a rating tool to compare the impact of your proposed rates against your current rates to project the impact on customer retention and premium revenue
  • Generate premiums using a customized data set for over forty carriers which may be submitted as a competitive analysis in support of rate filings
  • Assess monthly Pending, Approved, and Withdrawn rate filings submitted to the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation to identify industry and peer trends
  • Review a list of modifications, the effective date, as well as snapshots of the Rate Indication, Rate Proposed, and Overall Rate Approved utilizing our Market Analytics Portal